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Like other LSD-related compounds such as 1cP-LSD and 1B-LSD, 1V-LSD works as a prodrug. This means that it can be easily transformed through metabolic processes, either in vivo or in vitro, to create lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD).

Not all LSD analogs are the same, however, and 1V-LSD is no exception. It has some unique properties that set it aside from other similar research chemicals.


Buy 1V-LSD in the highest quality pellet form. Ensure to store the 1V-LSD in a dry and cool place for maximum shelf-life. When handling research chemicals ensure to always take the proper precautions in the laboratory like wiping down surfaces and wearing gloves, a mask & protective clothing.


The definition of 1V-LSD is officially known as 1-valeroyl-lysergic acid diethylamide, and this is actually where the name “Valerie” comes from. It is derived from the 1-VALeroyl-lysER-gic acid diethylamide, which is a bit of a mouthful, so people prefer to just shorten it to Valerie.

1V-LSD is whats known as a prodrug, a compound that may or may not have action on its own. However, when the right metabolic conditions are acquired the compound can be processed to create LSD. This is mostly what researchers focus on when they study 1V-LSD, as its effects and duration are quite similar to LSD when researched in laboratory environments.

1V-LSD is a bit trickier to synthesize than some of the other LSD analogs, as there are some issues informing the crystalline base. Because of this, the price is often a bit higher than what you would see with other LSD analogs.


1V-LSD is a prodrug, and prodrugs have been used for many centuries for various purposes. Prodrugs allow researchers to adjust the bioavailability of other compounds which may or may not be processed easily.

1V-LSD is also a highly lipophilic compound, meaning that it can be absorbed into fat cells quite easily. This is in stark contrast to other lysergamides and allows for many new possibilities to be explored in regard to the use of 1V-LSD.

Aside from this, the similarities between 1V-LSD and LSD, and even other prodrugs like 1B-LSD, are more apparent than the differences. They share similar functions and produce similar results when they are studied.

The lipophilic nature of 1V-LSD may change some of its pharmacokinetics but researchers believe that these changes will likely be positive rather than negative.


1V-LSD can be purchased here on the Kiwi Chems website. We sell premium quality 1V-LSD, typically in blotters, pellets, and liquid form. However, we often have other substance forms available, so feel free to contact us to see if we have your preferred substance form in stock. You must be at least 18 years old to buy 1V-LSD from us.

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