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4-AcO-MiPT, or 4-Acetoxy-MiPT, also known as mipracetin, is a psychedelic tryptamine. At Kiwi Chems you can buy 4-AcO-MiPT in the highest quality powder form, available in the quantities of 0.25 gram, 0.5 gram, 1 gram and 2 grams.

Because the compound is relatively new and understudied, there isn’t a lot of pharmacological data available. However, most of the 4-AcO compounds, and tryptamines in general, are often safe unless used to excess or producing obvious side effects like a heavy body load.


We have 4-AcO-MiPT for sale in the highest quality powder form. You can buy 4-AcO-MiPT Powder in quantities of 0,25 gram, 0,5 gram, 1 gram or 2 grams. Ensure to store the 4-AcO-MiPT in a dry and cool place for maximum shelf-life. When handling research chemicals ensure to always take the proper precautions in the laboratory like wiping down surfaces and wearing gloves, a mask & protective clothing.

For most, 4-AcO-MiPT in powder form is the best way to experiment with this substance. The powder can be used experimentally on its own, but it can also be diluted in liquid and mixed in with a dropper bottle. Generally, you are getting a better deal when you buy 4-AcO-MiPT powder than you would buying other forms because you aren’t paying for the cost of preparing the product.


The definition of 4-AcO-MiPT drug is officially known as 4-Acetoxy-MiPT, also referred to as mipracetin, is a psychedelic compound that is most commonly compared to psilocin, or 4-AcO MiPT.


Because of the similarities shared between 4-AcO-MiPT and 4-HO-MiPT, researchers have speculated whether or not 4-Acetoxy-MiPT isn’t transformed easily into 4-HO-MiPT. This is similar as the conversion of psilocybin which is converted easily into psilocin.

Because of this, the effects of both 4-AcO-MiPT and 4-HO-MiPT are extremely similar, although one might expect from this that the required amount of 4-AcO-MiPT required for research would be somewhat higher. If the substance is, indeed, easily converted into 4-HO-MiPT, then some would likely be lost in the conversion process and thus a higher dose would be needed.


4-AcO-MiPT can be purchased here on the Kiwi Chems. We sell premium quality 4-AcO-MiPT, typically in powder. However, we often have other substance forms available, so feel free to contact us to see if we have your preferred substance form in stock. You must be at least 18 years old to buy 4-AcO-MiPT from us.

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0.25g, 0.5g, 1g, 2g

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